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Staffers Recruitment Consultants (SRC) was established on April 23, 1992. SRC serves over three hundred companies and owns database of more than seventy thousand candidates. With experience of roughly 30 years, SRC is contributing to seek for the best candidates for various occupations responding to customers needs.

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SRC will provide you with candidates in line with your requirements. Their representatives will conduct careful consultations with you in an attentive manner, including specific skills and years of work experience to help make a smoother match possible between the candidate and the customer. With years of experience working with global companies, they are trusted by their customers and are your reliable partner.


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Talented Workforces in Database


Staffers Dispatching & Recruitment


High - quality network of workforce and industry know-how, we will provide you with any and all of your recruitment needs.

Staffers Outsource


SRC place staffs that matched your needs plus handling the role of employer during the working period for you. SRC offers an outsourcing service in a form of contract employees in order to assist clients in reducing staffing costs and saving unnecessary manpower.

Staffers Payroll and Admin

Pay-roll & Admin service

Pay-roll & Admin service will help you reduce the administrative time consuming tasks so you can focus on what's matter. Service offers regular payroll requirements including salary, social insurance, income tax, welfare and benefits. SRC can also provide any type of payroll related report as requested.


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